Thursday, December 23, 2010

Welcoming the Light: Reflections on Solstice and Christmas

I spent the beginning of the week baking Solstice bread in celebration of the birth of the sun. I made three loaves: one for my dear friend/yoga teacher/doula, Lisa, one for St. Peter's UCC's Solstice celebration, and one for my family to eat on Wednesday morning as we welcomed the sun.

On Monday night as I left my yoga class, I was showered with some of the most beautiful snowflakes. It was almost like an early Solstice gift from the Great Mother herself, and so I accepted Her gift, arms open wide, head tilted back, and mouth open with my tongue out, enjoying the moment with childlike wonder, and thanking my Mother for her own organic version of snow cream.

On Tuesday, I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate the Solstice with many women from St. Peter's UCC. It was a beautiful service of connection with one another and with the Mother as we listened to the heartbeat of the drum and remembered the darkness of the womb. And at home, I knew that my husband and children were having their own Solstice celebration, embracing the darkness in their own way, and preparing for the birth of the sun.

On Wednesday morning, my family awoke rejoicing in the birth of the Sun. We ate our Solstice bread and shared our dreams. Isa said she dreamed of more stars...stars which remind us of another great light that we celebrate at this time of the year. 

And so it occurred to me that it is appropriate that Solstice and Christmas are celebrated so close together, because in both cases, we are celebrating birth, and welcoming light into the world. At Solstice, we remember the womb of the Great Mother, and celebrate the hope of the birth of the Sun. And at Christmas, we remember the womb of the Mother Mary, who is in her own way a representation of the Great Mother, who carried and gave birth to a great Light...a hope for the world. In both of these celebrations, the Mother is celebrated, for it is through her that hope is born.

 Love and light this holiday season and always.